Call me Bailey! I’m an adaptable and concise Consultant & Creative Educator with over ten years experience in the UK, U.S. and Canadian charitable and nonprofit sector.

Recent roles include Program Curator for Seattle Queer Film Festival, Program Director for an 2SGBTQ+ Camp, Research Associate for the evaluation of Supporting Our Youth and Lead Evaluator for TransAktion.

I have sat on LGBT Foundation Board of Directors, Buddies in Bad Times Board of Directors and the Roundhouse Board of Trustees, championing diversity and equity.

In 2021, I was awarded a Masters (with distinction) in Postcolonial Culture and Global Policy. My thesis focused on multiracial futures.

When not engaging with consultation or creative education, I volunteer for a crisis line supporting individuals in distress across Canada.


The session was brilliant! Friendly, informative and really enjoyable. They were the most wonderful presenters, made everyone feel comfortable and imparted a wealth of information in a short space of time. I am so grateful for the work they do, every workplace should have them in for staff!

Thank you so much for all the time, care, and attention you poured into this process, it really shows! I think this report is absolutely on point with all its observations and the insights we can benefit from in the future. Your writing was incredibly clear and easy to follow and while it showed how much knowledge, challenge, and care you brought into your evaluations, it also felt like you simply mirrored what you saw and heard. This is such a delicate balance to strike and I think you nailed it.  

Bailey has brought so much of themselves and their personal lens to their work here, and it’s been so valuable every time; from their willingness to share a deeply personal essay to spotlighting the work and vibrancy of organizations and communities they care about, both the site and our workplace have been so enriched by Bailey’s presence. Bailey has a gift at both cultural criticism and sharing what’s precious and vital about ephemeral community experiences.

WOW! What a beautiful and well crafted evaluation report. I have yet only skimmed through it, but find your evaluation and suggestions so valuable!!! You’ve really captured what we were asking for – a critical analysis, rather than a report for funders. I’m really happy to read this as I find it very useful for our development.

I had the privilege to meet Bailey when they were appointed a Trustee of The Roundhouse Trust. I am not usually so positive about anyone at the first meeting however I was knocked over by such intelligence in someone so young. Their knowledge and thoughts, practical, moral, professional, legal, and cultural, on gender issues was outstanding, for anyone, let alone someone of this age. They challenged many of my beliefs and started a process of change. Thank you. I am sure they will be a wonderful ambassador and addition to The Roundhouse Trust on so many matters. Lucky Roundhouse!

Thanks a bunch for this. I really appreciate the care and well analyzed reflection you put into this work. I think we will really be able to use this evaluation to deepen our practices, learn from our experiences and hopefully grow from our mistakes, so thank you a lot for that!