Talks, Workshops and In The Media

Storytelling and communicating your impact on a limited budget, FSI Conference, March 2019

Gender and Body Positivity Workshop for Youth, Voices SymposiumJanuary 2018

Anti-Opression Training for Youth, Envison Conference, November 2017

Queer and Trans History Workshop, SOY, September 2017

Intersectionality Workshop for Youth, Rainbow Camp, August 2017

Boundless: Exploration and Experimentation Through Your Work, Buddies in Bad Times, Feb 2017

Putting our trust in young people, Arts Council England, June 2016

Camden Roundhouse artistic director Marcus Davey: ‘Some people need more of a chance than others’, Evening Standard, June 2016

Engaging LGBTQ youth in projects that enhance their development and wellbeing, WCMT, December 2014

LGBTQ Human Rights Panel Discussion, The Roundhouse, April 2014

What is Puffball? Participatory Arts with Queer and Trans Youth, The Roundhouse, March 2014

Poet/Performer, Indiana Jones and The Extra Chair, September 2013

Paul Hamlyn Foundation gives £5m endowment to Roundhouse, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, October 2012